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Express Lash Kit - Light Volume

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Product Description

LIGHT VOLUME - Designed for the Subtle Sweety! 

The prettiest natural lash look!

Short and sweet! Wispy - Light volume.


Express Lash Kit

Your professional all-in-one lash extension system from the convenience of home. 

In only minutes, use our 3 step system to transform your lashes into your best lash day. 

With 3 styles to choose from, Create a classic look, a designer custom blend, cat-eye or the look of a lush set of Russian volumes .. it's up to you! 

Ashley Allen Express Lashes are applied to the underside of your natural lashes for a seamless look. The Lashes are lightweight and feathery. Made from the highest quality Korean PBT Silk Fibre (salon grade quality) to ensure they don’t add stress to your natural lashes. Since they're applied slightly away from your waterline, they give space for your natural lashes to breathe and grow. Additionally, the lashes are applied with a flexible bond, which cushions and allows them to follow the natural movement of your lashes. Not to mention, this system is completely vegan and cruelty-free!

My Express lash system will not damage your natural lashes as long as you apply and remove them properly (and you don’t tug, rub or pick at them while wearing them). Upto 2 weeks wear and you won’t see your lashes fall out beyond their natural rate!

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